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The market has moved against many of us these past several years and I am another one of "those stories". I never thought it could happen to me.                  
Barry S & Sally S. Miami FL

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"I inherited a 36 unit from my Mom, but couldn't refinance because my credit was at 413. In 2 months, Corey increased my scores to 683 and I was able to get a new loan of $3,500,000  at 4% for 30 years!

Corey, you saved me and my family, thank you!

Marisela Montejo, Hollywood Ca


"I was having difficulty getting financing for my practice and Corey from Fix My Report was able to resolve my deepest credit issues."  
Thanks Corey!                                           Dr.Justin S MD, Temecula CA
"Corey, I was in Mexico yesterday and I just saw my new credit scores, after just 5 days of you working on my report" 
THANK YOU!                                                      Michael Chious CEO Sotheby's Real Estate San Diego CA

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