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Frequently Asked Questions

You may be trying to get your home financed, expand your business, refinance some commercial piece of real estate you own. These are all absolutely important things that need to be handled properly.

So, you may have questions that you want answers to and so will look to answer those questions here.

Here the key questions we found people ask time and time again:

“Will this really work for me based upon my current credit situation?”

  • Answer: It all depends on the issues on your report. You may collections, mortgage lates, medical collections etc and each of these may be able to be impacted to your advantage.

“Do you think you can really increase my scores that high?”

  • Answer: To determine if it’s possible to increase your credit scores to the level that you want, a credit report analysis is the very best recommendation

“Is there anything that I need to do?”

  • Answer: All of services are “Done For You!”

“How quickly can you make this happen for me?”

  • Answer: Depending on the account, items on your credit report can be impacted in 1-3 days. Most “non-rush” accounts are completed within 15-21 business days or less.

“Do you offer any guarantees, so I know I don’t get financially hurt?”

  • Answer: Yes! We offer a 100% Lifetime Money Back Guarantee. If an item ever reappears on your report, for whatever reason, we will delete is or refund the price you paid for that account.

“How do you get paid?”

  • Our services are based on the number of (trade lines) accounts we are contracted to resolve. Our policy is to provide an added trade line or  two account, to assist our clients and to insure that our clients achieve their credit and financial goals.

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