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Get Qualified For Your Commercial Loan

Commercial mortgages loans are all about return on investment. Specifically I’m speaking about the “ROI”. The best commercial mortgages are the ones that really maximize your return on investment.
Here are my quick 4 mistakes that most commercial investors make.

1. Know where you want to go with the property. Having a clear goal, a vision and intention behind what you want it for and the ROI you are after …before you buy it.

2. Thinking ONLY about the rate. Rate is certainly very important although amortization and credit score are highly important as well.

3. Get your credit scores as high as they possibly can go in and lock your rate! Far too many people shop rate and they end up losing a good deal. Get your scores as high as they can be and lock your rate!

4. Never fall in love with a deal. Once your credit isn’t stellar position, your cash is lined up, you get to say how you want to invest.

Act now and raise your scores to get the best rates, terms and ROI possible!

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