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People visit Fix My Report for many reasons. Why are YOU here?

This is no doubt that trusting in another human being or company with your financial future, can be very uncomfortable. When we talk with you, we spend whatever time YOU require to insure that YOU are clear and at ease, allowing YOU to make the best possible decision the one that’s right for YOU and your family.

Here’s my personal promise!

…You’ll be secure and free from financial worry. With our programs and custom designed credit score and real estate solutions, you’ll gain peace of mind and confidence that we will get the scores you need.

…You’ll save TENS of THOUSANDS in fees, costs and interest charges.

…You’ll gain the respect you deserve from you banker, your creditors and most importantly yourself.

…You’ll see how convenient this is, because all the work we do is permanent. This means those problems on your report will never reappear. In fact, we’re so confident, that we fully guarantee it.

…All the work is “Done For You” and there is nothing you need to do.

…We call you and email you with progress updates. We email you with updates on items that have been deleted or modified on your credit reports.

…We always tell you right up front if we can help. We are very selective on the case we take on because we never take on a case we can’t win.

…We are not right for everyone. Our clients are busy successful business people out to make a difference. They require the highest level of integrity, results and performance.

…We operate on referral. What you say about us matters!

…We are experts, committed to make a difference and committed to have you feeling great that you’ve accomplished your goals! (An Expert means having great knowledge and experience in a trade or profession. proficient implies a thorough competence derived from training and practice)

Discover the experts at FixMyReport. We can impact the quality of your life and your financial future.