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"...20, 50, 100 Points Or More When You AbsolutelyNeed A Higher Credit Score!"

Who We Are…

You’re a Professional with a busy life.

There is no time for delays or games…and there you are you are, worrying about how to get your deal closed. Expending gobs of mental energy, perhaps getting stonewalled, frustrated or discouraged about your credit issues.

In all likelihood, you’re engaged in a real estate transaction.

Perhaps it’s a purchase of a new property, business or simply wanting to refinance for better rates and terms. Perchance it’s the money you need to solve a serious business concern and you want it handled… now.

Not knowing where to go or whom to trust to resolve this, can often be the greatest source of irritation. Then, after you finally locate a potential solution, what promises or guarantees do you have that the work performed is correct and will be permanent and never return?

At the end of the day, do you really have time to manage this?

You may have been dealing with these issues for years, but there’s no need to be upset at yourself…because those accounts keep reappearing. This is what creditors do.

I’m confident, a sensational, triumphant financial future, is in your future.

Because here at Fix My Report, our #1 Priority is increasing your credit scores, so you can qualify for your new loan 200% – 300% faster as compared to those ‘out dated’ conventional credit repair, letter writing companies.

You see, unlike those “old school 1970’s style credit repair agencies”, that send out silly little dispute letters, hoping and wishing and praying that inaccurate and erroneously reported items somehow magically fall off your credit report…

…Our program is uniquely different, in that its designed to stream line the loan process.

We obtain accurate and verifiable documentation directly from your creditors, that permanently deletes and modifies your past payment history…resulting in you having an increased credit score of 20, 50, 100 points or more within weeks and yes, often times, days.

We are so confident that you’ll love our services, that we provide a written, 100% lifetime money back guarantee!

What you want to know is that negative or inaccurate entries on your credit report, have a toxic affect on your credit reputation and damages your credibility & borrowing power for 7 – 10 years.

Today, credit reports are now requested by employers, landlords, insurance companies, police departments, government agencies, many forms of government, security positions and financial institutions…so your file needs to be solid and bulletproof.

If it’s a true statement that your credit score and credit reputation is a reflection of you, what do your scores say about you?

By insuring that your scores are solid gold, you’ll be cashing in big, with surging ROI’s, discounted rates and ‘special backdoor’ bank savings, only previously afforded to the wealthy.

…And so you know, my services are not for everyone…

But, if you’re in the middle of a real estate or loan transaction and you need iron-clad score results in a hurry, call Fix My Report.com.

Call 858 270 0251 for a no strings attached, no obligation consultation. I look forward to speaking to you, understanding your situation and assisting you in accomplishing your goals!